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About The Owner

A Driven Visionary For Enrichment

Before the innovation boom took off in 2010,  I was still unsure of my place in the world. I used my little knowledge of business to start tutoring adults and school-aged children in Detroit, Michigan. While teaching, I discovered an undeniable passion and desire to help others. However, the only thing missing from this newly found desire was the ability to maintain a substantial living while doing so.

 For a while, I'd put my dreams of becoming an entrepreneur on hold. Dedicating my time to being a wife and mother of my two beautiful children. And maintaining our lives for stability. Still... The dream never faded. It only grew stronger.


During the time that went by, I'd achieved elevation in the workplace. Graduated and obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. And invested in certification programs to better my skillset in my career.


​Quickly the years went by. And as time past hurriedly, I found myself becoming restless about my ambitions to create a business and help others. The longing for my own purpose had developed into self-resentment, guilt, and discouragement. It was time to go after my dreams.

Finally, after battling my value and self-worth in the business world, and getting mentorship (and therapy), I finally took the leap into my passions and established Enriched Business Solutions in August of 2022. 


​Getting involved within my local community. I networked and was able to work with a diverse culture of people, with various backgrounds in the business world. Building a solid foundation for my business and finally helping others achieve growth and success.


My vision has finally come to reality. And now my mission is clear.

 I'm here to help the next leading innovators in business take their visions and turn them into tangible realities. It is my passion to educate, cultivate, and empower my community and beyond.

 Allow me to do the same for you. As we, together, get you away from remaining stagnant. Get you moving and building momentum. Heading full speed in your vehicle of success. Your business.

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