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Enhance. Embolden. Empower.

Are You Ready To Find Relief From Your Business Overload?

Imagine having a project management team who can handle those monotonous tasks for you. 

At Enriched Business Solutions, you don't have to worry about taking on every critical step of your business, alone.

 We will help you tackle those overwhelming, time-consuming projects in your business. We offer an array of services to help you build, launch, and grow your business at every step. No matter which stage of business you're in.

 We're here to give your business enrichment. Let us help you bring efficiency and enhancement to your everyday routine. Here are some of the services we offer:

 Project Management

Social Media Management

Copywriting services

 And so much more!...

 Get in touch with us so we can help you overcome work fatigue, overwhelm, and exhaustion from your everyday business operations. 

You deserve success. Your business deserves a better you.

 Are you ready to make that happen?

Which Stage Defines Your Business?

 Whether You Have A Start-Up,  Established, Or Expanding Business, We Will Help You.


Organizing, Planning, And Executing Your Projects At A Swift Pace In Every Step.

Click On Your Business Stage Below To Get Started.

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Need Advancement In Your Career?

We've got you covered.

 We also offer services to help you succeed in obtaining the career of your dreams with:

  • Free Resources & Career Tips

  • Resume Building & Refinement

  • Detailed & Customizable Cover Letters

  • Mock Interview Practice Sessions

Everything you need to succeed. Ensuring you gain meaningful employment with confidence.


My Name Is Jeneka.

I'm the CEO and Owner of Enriched Business Solutions, LLC.

I'm a married, Detroit-grown mother of two, with a Meta social media marketing and Google project management certification.  I'm a woman of peculiar talents and progressive acumen. 

With a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, over a year in marketing, and three years of copywriting & project management. 

My mission is to help you enhance, embolden, and empower your business at every stage of your growth process.

 I'm anxious and excited to meet and help business leaders and innovators like you. I'm here to contribute to your highest level of business success.

What Other Business Owners Are Saying About Working With Enriched Business Solutions

"The most important thing about Jeneka is her patience and understanding. Especially as a new business owner. I was all over the place and one week I want to do something and then next week something else and she was professional while getting me focused and together. She delivers what she promises when she said she would and that's key when running a business. Also, my Facebook page engagement has definitely increased since working [together]" 

-Golden Jaye

CEO & Business Owner

Golden Relaxation Studios

Still Unsure Where To Start?

 Contact Us Directly By Email

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